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Founded in 1993, Red Hat is the premier Linux and open source provider. Rated as CIO Insight Magazine's Most Valued Vendor for the second consecutive year, Red Hat maintains the highest value and reliability rankings among its customers, and is the most recognized Linux brand in the world. Red Hat serves global enterprises through technology and services made possible by the open source model. Solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating platforms, sold through a subscription model, and a broad range of services: consulting, 24x7 support, Red Hat Network. Red Hat's global training program operates in more than 60 locations worldwide and features RHCE, the global standard Linux certification.

Red Hat is the recognized leader in enterprise solutions that take full advantage of the quality and performance provided by the open source model. With Red Hat, enterprise hardware and software vendors have a standard platform on which to certify their technology.

Red Hat offers a wide range of consulting and engineering services to make enterprise open source deployments successful—from complete Linux migration to client-directed engineering to custom software development—and has broad expertise in open source technology. Red Hat is a significant contributor and maintainer of major open source software including Linux, GNU, and Apache Web server. Several Red Hat engineers are prominent open source developers and members of the open source community.

Key personnel

Dr. Mark Little is CTO of JBoss. Before joining Red Hat, Mark was Chief Architect and co-founder of Arjuna Technologies, where he also led the Arjuna Transactions team. Mark is active in various standards committees, such as W3C WS-Addressing and OASIS WS-TX and has co-authored a number of Web Services, OMG and JCP standards.

Emmanuel Bernard is data platform architect at JBoss by Red Hat and member of the Hibernate team. After graduating from Supelec (French "Grande Ecole"), Emmanuel spent a few years in the retail industry as developer and architect where he was involved in the ORM space. He joined the Hibernate team in 2003. Emmanuel has led the JPA implementation of Hibernate. He has founded and leads Hibernate Search, Hibernate Validator and the newcomer Hibernate OGM. Emmanuel is a member of the JPA 2.0 expert group and the spec lead of Bean Validation. He is a regular speaker at various conferences and JUGs, including JavaOne, JBoss World and Devoxx and the co-author of Hibernate Search in Action published by Manning.

Tristan Tarrant is the lead for the Infinispan project, the basis of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid. He has been an active contributor to JBoss Community and other open source projects for many years, Tristan has also been involved with big data and big data solutions since 1995, when he specialized in parallel architectures to earn his MSc degree from the University of Edinburgh. He is a passionate advocate of open source and open standards.

Jonathan Halliday is a core developer at JBoss, where he leads the transactions development team. He has been involved in transactions engineering and research for over 10 years, at organizations including Newcastle University, Arjuna Technologies and Hewlett-Packard. Jonathan is also involved in leading the Red Hat NoSQL efforts as they apply to JBoss.