Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH (Germany)

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Work Sustainably in the Green Cloud: Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH provides users with cloud-based computing power. The servers used for the cloud are installed into buildings which are to be heated with the byproduct heat energy, and are connected via internet to a virtual data center. This technology makes the difficult and energy-intensive traditional cooling method of the servers unnecessary.

This innovative method connects the heating and server computing power markets in an intelligent way, and was awarded with multiple prizes due to the model'™s ecological and economical benefits. Our team of developers collaborated with the Dresden University of Technology to create the patented technology behind the idea. The companies and institutions that already use our sustainable services and products include Cloud Pharmaceutical Inc, German Stock Market for Cloud Exchange, and cloudControl.

Key personnel

Wojciech Barczynski builds the energy-efficient public Infrastructure-as-a-Service based on OpenStack of Cloud & Heat. He takes a variety of technical roles to make the vision of a distributed micro-cloud-based IaaS a reality. Wojtek is a software developer with a strong focus on distributed systems, integration with IaaS, and automation. He likes to share his knowledge, so you may meet him in WSB Schools of Banking teaching about software development, Openstack, and SAP. Before, he was a member of Business Intelligence Practise and contributed to Mobile Computing & User Experience Practise. In SAP, he co-authored three patents. His publications include papers from such conferences as VLDB, WWW, and TREC. Wojtek's interests are distributed systems, software development (Continuous Integration, Software Craftsmanship, TDD), software architecture for cloud-ready applications, and Openstack.

Dr. Jens Struckmeier earned his doctorate in physics and has many years of international experience in high technology and entrepreneurship. As a former managing partner and co-founder of a high-tech instrument manufacturing company, he has expertise in the development of technologically innovative solutions. Jens Struckmeier started working on the implementation of ecologically sustainable projects as a student.

René Marcel Schretzmann is the commercial expert on the Cloud & Heat management team with more than ten years of international management experience. He served for five years on the executive board of a global management and strategy consulting firm, where the main focus of his work was on growth and internationalization of start-up companies and medium-sized enterprises in the high-tech segment.