LEADS' Atomic Object Factory submitted to the open source community

Distributed systems aggregate large numbers of heterogeneous components that are subject to failures and asynchrony. Replication is necessary in almost every service, for performance and for dependability. UniNE developed an atomic object factory that allows to create and to consistently access any type of replicated objects in a distributed storage.

The Atomic Object Factory module is an implementation of the state machine replication paradigm over Infinispan. Using the factory is as simple as employing the synchronized keyword in Java, and it wraps the dependability, consistency and liveness guarantees of the instantiated object over multiple Infinispan servers. The factory is universal and can instantiate any deterministic object, making it transparently replicated and durable, while ensuring strong consistency despite concurrent access.

Red Hat actively participates in the upstream of open source development, integrating successful projects from open source communities to build higher-level bundles. The Atomic Object Factory developed in LEADS is currently being vetted by gathering feedback of its interest in the open source community. For more information, visit the Infinispan Blog entry about the module.